About Mount Rainier


The city of Mount Rainier is located 4 miles from downtown WashingtonD.C. and is the historic Route 1 gatewaycommunity from Prince George'sCounty to D.C. at the District's northeastern boundary. It isfast becoming a model village for artists, environmentalists,  pacifists and multiculturalists who are drawn by the small town atmosphere and chance to build their ideal community. Local pride is high, and the people like being part of an active civic process.

Several annual events and activities reflect that pride--Mount Rainier Day, the Mount Rainier Homes Tour, the Better Block Project and Citizen Paint. There are numerous community organizations ranging from The Mount Rainier Bike Co-op, the Mount Rainier Green Team  to one of the newest groups, Friends of the Library. Each reflects the enthusiasm, creativity and commitment that has been proven infectious to those that spend time in the community. For more information visit MountRainiermd.org.